Residences and accommodations

The FSLE has the pleasure of offering accommodations to students in several buildings:

  • Residence “Le Valentin (downtown)
  • Residence “Le Chablais (halfway between downtown and the university campus)
  • Residence “La Meute” (North of Lausanne)
  • Bérée Apartments (North of Lausanne, near the M2 metro)
  • Villa Marc Dufour (close to the city centre)
  • Couchirard 6 (around Malley): Two 4.5-rooms flats for a 3 students flatshare (map)
  • Châtelard 32: 1 floor with 3 rooms (15-20 m2) (map)

All accommodations are individual furnished rooms with a kitchen and sanitary in common (unless the contrary is indicated).

Rents of the rooms