Bérée apartments

This set of new and modern apartments in the north of Lausanne at the Chemin de Bérée close to the m1 stop Fourmi was built and furnished in 2019 to accommodate 34 students. These apartments differ from other residences as they require more autonomy from the students. Indeed the foundation does not take care of the household cleanliness or regularly intervene in the apartments. Thus, the students’ task is to ensure the smooth running of cohabitation, household cleanliness and waste management.

The apartments are located in three different buildings in the Bérée neighbourhood:

  • Bérée 26 A and B: Three 4.5 room apartments (9 rooms)
  • Bérée 30 G: 4 apartments of 5.5 rooms and 3 apartments of 4.5 rooms (25 rooms)

These are independent apartments of 3 or 4 people with private rooms, two bathrooms, a kitchen and a shared living room.

Cellars, bike storage and a laundry room with a washing machine and tumble dryer are available in the basement. These operate with a prepaid card system.

Room details

The FSLE provides the furniture for each of the rooms, including a bed, which we provide bedding (down, cushion and sheets), a wardrobe, a chest of drawers and a desk.

The student will also find the necessary kitchen equipment and cleaning equipment.

Address: Chemin de Bérée 30G / 26A / 26B , 1010 Lausanne.
TL – Métro M2, fourmi stop (3 minutes walk).
10 minutes to city center, approx. 30 minutes to UNIL/EPFL


Bérée 30G

Bérée 26A/B