Rental request

Your request can be sent by email, by post, or directly in the mailbox at the FSLE office. Any incomplete request will be refused.

In one of the forms below, if you wish, please select the desired residence and room (option 1). You can select a second choice (option 2) if option 1 is no longer available.

Steps :

  1. Complete the application for admission
  2. Attach the requested documents for the applicant and the guarantor
  3. Pay the advance of 2 months rent (tourist tax included, if necessary) and guarantees
  4. Read and sign the general guidelines and house rules before the key handoff

1. Rental request

Please fully complete one of these forms:

  • Rental application for Bachelors and Masters (Form A)
  • Rental application for PhD students and interns (Form B)
  • Rental application for apprentices (Form C)

For minors, the legal representative has to additionaly fill up the RL form.

2. Documents to attach to the application


  • Copy of a valid ID, in color with signature
  • Certificate of study for the semester or year to come, or contract for apprentices, PhD students and internships.
  • Erasmus certificate or scholarship, if applicable
  • For Swiss residents: Copy from the debt register (12).


  • Copy of a valid ID, in color with signature
  • Extract from a bank account and / or the last 3 pay slips, to determine solvency.

Please send the relevant forms and attachments by email or by post.

3. Advance payments

After our confirmation of the availability of the room, we request the payment of an advance of 2 months rent (tourist tax included, if applicable) corresponding to the payment of the first and the last month of the stay, one month as a guarantee and 300.- CHF as a furniture guarantee, both of which can be released after the tenant’s departure.

The payment is to be made to:

Beneficiary: Fondation Solidarité Logement pour Étudiants
Bank: Banque Cantonale Vaudoise, Lausanne, Suisse
Bank address: Place St-François 14 – CP 300 – ​1001 Lausanne
Account: U51938054  – Clearing : 767
IBAN : CH44 0076 7000 U519 3805 4

The rental deposit must be received by FSLE within 7 days of the confirmation of the room in order to conclude the reservation. Upon receipt of the rent deposit, we will send you the lease contract by e or by mail.

If the delays are too short, the advance must be received no later than the day of your arrival, before the handoff of the keys.

Please note that if for any reason the student shall not complete his studies in Lausanne, the total amount paid will be returned within 30 days after receipt of proof that the student is not going to study in Lausanne.

4. General Conditions and House Rules

Lastly, please make sure you have read and understood the General Conditions and the House Rules.

Those documents will be requested signed by the applicant and the guarantor at the key handoff.