The Foundation FSLE  (in French Fondation Solidarité Logement pour les Étudiants ) is,  according to its statutes, a public non organization, whose vocation is to promote access to housing for young people in training, both apprentices and students, who have chosen to pursue their training in Lausanne.

The governing principle of the Foundation is solidarity among students, particularly in the context of tense real estate in the Leman region.  The entity managed by students for students.

Emanation of the FAE (Fédération des Associations d’Étudiant‑e‑s) of the University of Lausanne,  the FSLE was created in 2008 to offer a solidarity alternative in the world of real estate in Lausanne. It positions itself in a different operating perspective than a traditional real estate management, since economic profitability is not the goal of the Foundation, but rather the mutual aid student.




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Foundation Board

  • Valentin BERCLAZ, president
  • Pauline MOTTET, secretary
  • Lara ZENDER, member representing the students
  • David RACCAUD, member representing the students
  • Andrea FAUCHERRE, member representing the city of Lausanne
  • Alberto MOCCHI, expert member
  • Benoît BIÉLER, expert member

There is one vacancy for the member representing the tenants.