Rooms rents

Displayed rents include the following elements, taxes and fees:

  • rent of the furnished room,
  • flat-rate charges for water, electricity, heating, maintenance of exteriors,
  • common household insurance,
  • mandatory fire insurance covering 2kCHF of personal effects (ECA),
  • radio-television tax (SERAFE),
  • internet connection (wifi), and
  • bedding.

In the residences and the villa, a cleaning service for the common areas and the evacuation of already sorted waste is provided freely (non-contractual). This is not the case for apartments (Bérée, Châtelard and Couchirard).

Detailed rents per room

In addition, the following taxes and fees are charged:

  • Monthly tourist tax (tax collected by the FSLE on behalf of the City of Lausanne for tenants domiciled outside Switzerland and not paying tax in the municipality, and/or not having a study grant, ~35.- CHF)
  • Departure cleaning fee: 75.- CHF
  • Any other costs set out in our Terms and Conditions or costs incurred by the tenant.