Rooms rents

Rents are inclusive of all fees. This includes furnished single room, water, electricity, heating, exterior maintenance, cleaning of common areas*, garbage disposal*, common insurances, internet connection (wifi), and bedding. The tourist tax – if applicable – is not included (37.- CHF).

  • The Valentin residence rents
  • The Chablais residence rents
  • Bérée 26A,B rents:
    • Loyers Bérée 26A: 4.5-rooms flat on 1st floor: 715CHF, 725CHF or 740CHF
    • Loyers Bérée 26B: 2 4.5-rooms flats on ground floor: 715CHF, 720CHF, 740CHF or 770CHF
  • Bérée 30G rents: 7 flats, 25 rooms: 745 CHF, 765 CHF, 790 CHF, 800 CHF or 825 CHF
  • Villa Marc rents: 10 rooms, rents between 750-800 CHF
  • Couchirard 6 rents (cleaning of common areas and garbage disposal is not provided at this location):
    • 4.5-rooms flat on ground floor: 875CHF, 895CHF or 905CHF
    • 4.5-rooms flat on 1st floor: 885CHF, 905CHF or 915CHF

* Except for Bérée residences and Couchirard